Online Betting Terms and Conditions

Most online betting agencies offer plenty of free bonuses for new and existing players. Before taking advantage of these free bets, players should always be sure to read the fine print contained in the betting agency's terms and conditions.

General Details

There are some general details that outline information about the free bets, including age and location limits as well as the criteria that must be met to qualify. Some of these free bets are only available to first-time players, but others may become available as players spend money in the venue and are known as loyalty bonuses. Players should always be sure to understand these details before accepting any free bet offer.

Promo Codes and Time Limits

Many of the bonuses of which players can take advantage require the input of a promotional code. These can be found on television and internet ads as well as on betting agency review websites. Always be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with these offers carefully since they are often only good for a pre-determined period of time. While these are great offers for players, they also help the online bookmakers pinpoint their marketing tactics in the future.

Voiding Bets

Many gamblers will try to 'cheat the system' when it comes to racking up bet totals by placing bets and then voiding them right before the start of the event. While this was once an effective tactic and resulted in adding to a gambler's overall expenditures, most online bookmakers have adopted sophisticated software that renders it useless. Players should never void bets in order to cheat; it is a waste of time and will not help players earn bonuses any more quickly.

Free bets are great ways for gamblers to get the most out of their online betting experiences, but they must be earned carefully. By reading the terms and conditions associated with them, players will set the proper expectations and avoid later disappointment.